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Anime unity3d rigged animated face

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Anime unity3d rigged animated face 3D Model Screenshot / Render

I made this character with Makehuman 1.1:

and this plugin:

(it is made for woman but you can make a male if you really need).

both are CC-0.

I made the texture of the eyes (with pixelmator).

I made the leather coat and the leather pants (with this tutorial:

but since I need to use it in a Unity3D games with animation I made some change to fit the clothes with the body on the shoulders).

I made the hair (with this tutorial:


I textured paint the basic skin of the body (got from MH) with an anime skin color.

I made the 2 basic face animation (close and open eyes, close and open mouth).

to make it lowpoly I deleted the invisible faces (now is 13k), this is also necessary to avoid strange glitch when animations are used on Unity3d.

I used the Unity rig when I exported my characted on Makehuman that's why it is 100% compatible with human mecanim on Unity3d, also you can use it with all the mixamo animations, and with a basic animator controller and a mask you can use mixamo and face animations together.

Since I would like to use it in a game you can use it for non commercial use (for example you can learn how to do that since makehuman, anime plugin, youtube tutorials and blender are free). But it is only my first work and I'm not a real 3D artist (but since I cannot find many anime-like 3d models compatible with unity3d mecanim and mixamo animation, with a basic way to switch clothes and hair, with a good skin where I can make at least mouth and eyes animations I really want to do all my 3d models... at least for text purpose)... When I will be good with this workflow I might share some CC-0 work.

Hope you like it.

Warning: there is no camera on this blend since I needed it for Unity3d.

Warning 2: this file belong to Lief.


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