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Hi.. I made this tutorial for a while ago, but i think it is still usful, so sorry for double post

Camera Changer tutorial!

Hi.. This is my first tutorial (I think) so don’t expext it to be perfect 

NB. Some of the pictures may not be correct since i fixed the tutorial. So the place where you name the cams, call them “1” and “20” istead of “1.20” and “20,100”

Okay, here we go:

There are many ways to change cameras, I think that there are a lot of plug-ins for blender. But we will only use the blender build in

I am going to teach you two methods, The first is the build-in that The Orange
Team made for blender, and the other one is my own way to do it. I haven’t played so much with the build in method (Orange) So maybe there is more to say about it than I explain here.

1. First we (as allways) start Blender, but we don’t delete the default cube, because we want an object to look at. Select the camera and duplicate it (Shift-D) and place it, so it points at the cube from another place.

Let’s say we want the camera to change at frame 20. Select the first Camera . This camera should start at frame 1 and end in frame 20. so call it “1,20” like it is showed in the picture

Then select the other camera, and call it “21,100
” Beacuse this cam should start at frame 21, and end at frame 100.

When this is done, split the screen in two. In one of the windows, click the  button and change it so it looks like this:  Good! Okay, now press the “Scripts” button, drive the mouse over the “Animation” button, And Then, click “Camera changer”! like here:

Somthing has happened, but you can’t see it. If blender tell’s you somthing, It can be because you forgot to name one of the cameras. But anyway go to frame 1 Select Camera 1 (the one we named “1,20”) and press numpad0. now you should see it trough the camera. And when you press Alt-A (and you did this tutorial right) the cameras should switch at frame 20.

Nice uh?


Okay. Now it is time for my own method. I use this because it is easier and better(my oppinion ). press “Erase all” so we have a clean window 

Now, we still want the camera to change at frame 20. so at frame 19, press “i” and select “loc, Rot, Size” as showed in the picture:

Go to frame 20, and grab (G) and rotate (R) the camera so it is placed where you want it to be and then again press “i” button on your keyboard and select “Loc, Rot, Size”… now you done!! easy huh??

Hope you like it 

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  1. tayoj says:

    Quiet interesting

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