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Anyone know of any full body mocap software?

Home Forums Technical Questions Anyone know of any full body mocap software?

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    Anyone know of any body mocap software?

    I’d like something I can use to motion capture both my body and face because I’m not sure how to do both for the same armature in blender. I seen a few, but no programs that does both. Does anyone know of any that I can use and prehaps export the file for use in blender? OR a tutorial to combine the motion capture face and body data and export it as one file for a game I’m making in unity? Blender does not have Html5 exporting as far as i know sadly. Any help Is apprecatied, thank you for your time everyone. 😀

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    I want to know of a way to apply motion capture data of a face and body to a model in blender. Does anyone know how to make this happen A turtoil or something would be great Thank you for your time

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